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Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E  - A Brief History and Answers to some FAQs
What's the history of NFPA 70E? In the beginning, OSHA adopted the NEC (National Electrical Code) as a standard of reference for rules and regulations that governed electrical safety. After using the NEC as part of the safety standard for a few years, it became apparent to OSHA (for a number of reasons), that the NEC was not the ideal standard to use to set guidelines for employee safety related to electrical hazards. In 1976, OSHA formed a committee with the intention to "assist in preparing electrical safety standards that would serve OSHA's needs." As a result of this committee, the first publication of the NFPA 70 E was released in 1979.
What does NFPA 70E cover? NFPA 70E incorporates sections from the NEC directly into its text while providing safe work practices for employees and employers to implement following project completion. Dangers related to working on live electrical equipment usually fall into two categories - (1) electrical shock and (2) the hazards created as a result of an arcing short circuit. The second category can release a tremendous amount of energy. This energy release can cause physical damage and death from severe burns caused by the extreme heat, blindness from the flash and molten metal, hearing loss, and other physical damage from the extreme pressure of the blast. The incident energy can be determined by calculations or table found in the 70E standard.
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June 4-6, 2018
24 Hour Hazmat Technician Level
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June 7, 2018
8 Hour Hazmat Technician Level Refresher
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STEP has proven to be an invaluable partner for our organization. They are great communicators and very easy to work with from start to finish. I rely on their expertise and will continue to utilize their services.

- Chad Brawner, MTD Products

Their passion for emergency response coupled with the hands on working knowledge of the regulations makes for quality instruction and real world advice. It is a pleasure to have a resource with their degree of knowledge and professionalism.

- Sean Patterson, Honeywell

We were in need of assistance to completely reorganize our entire safety program…With STEP's help we have achieved our goals and will continue to rely on their expertise and commitment to keeping our programs current and OSHA compliant. I highly recommend STEP...

- Ray North, Audubon

STEP provides the personal touch that gets our employees involved and interested.

- Paul Petitt, Cymetech

Brian did a fine job in the training (first aid/CPR/AED). His previous experiences as a firefighter paramedic really help give some substance to the material. Our classes were very interactive. Brian was fine with taking the time to make sure that everyone understood what we were doing.

- Derek Link, Quad Graphics

A lot of stuff that I guess we do automatically or because "It's always been done that way" is not correct. It was very interesting and the instructors were very nice. They made it comfortable asking questions.

- Callas Thornton, Propper International

We were impressed with the prompt manner in which STEP responded to our training requirements and with your knowledgeable instructors and the professionalism they exhibited.

- Judy Wagner, Wagner Construction

The RCRA Training Webinar that I participated in through STEP was simply excellent! The materials were high quality and Sara's delivery style was professional, pleasant and effective. She is obviously a subject matter expert who is able to transfer her knowledge to the student.

- Bill Doughman, TG Automotive

Sara is a great instructor and you guys run a very organized well put together program. That means a lot to me when I recommend you to someone else.

- Rod Weems, ColorMasters

STEP was the perfect choice, with their experience and expertise, to review and update our PSM program and keep our site compliant. STEP has been great to work with, and I would highly recommend STEP.

- Matt Vanhook, KY Utilities

There was a very good balance between the hands-on & classroom training...positive impact on the learning experience. The instructors were informative & interesting...very good job of tracking feedback for improvement for our HAZWOPER program. I highly recommend STEP.

- Aaron Willis, Countrymark

I was so impressed with STEP that I knew it would be a long lasting relationship... There are several companies locally that provide the same service, but we will continue to 'STEP' up to STEP for quality.

- Roger Stein, PSEG

STEP has assisted Lubrizol with preparation of procedures and conducted site specific emergency training for our facility. Their work product has been thorough and their trainers are professional and willing to work with us to meet our training needs.

- Jean Schneiderman, Lubrizol

…your HazWoper Refresher and your Incident Commander Training Seminars are superior to any that I have attended.

- Ray McReynolds, TYCO

S.T.E.P. is top notch, especially the Instructors. After talking to Jimmy and several more folks here at Volvo we are going with S.T.E.P. from now on.

- Bobby Goodman, Volvo

We have used Safety Training for at least 5 years, and we are very satisfied with their training. Being the training officer I've had several companies call and offer us hazmat training but my thought is if I have someone that works well for me and my people...

- Captain Marvin Witherspoon, St. Louis Fire Department

We received our most positive training feedback ever from our employees this past summer after switching to STEP. The hands-on HAZWOPER training and practical exercises provided excellent, realistic training.

- Brad Summer, Dyno Nobel

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