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We do our best to avoid workplace injuries, but we can't avoid the weather and the hazards it carries. Life would seem fairer to those who labor in the heat if we all had an office job. But, unfortunately there is work to be done and someone's got to do it.
OSHA's campaign slogan to prevent heat illness in outdoor workers this summer is "Water. Rest. Shade".
It is best to train workers on heat illness symptoms and remind them of safety measures they should take; including planning their day around the peak heat times to help avoid a heat-related injury. Express the importance of wearing the proper clothing and UV protection, resting in the shade and staying hydrated. Using planning checklists can help assure the proper areas are covered to help prepare the workplace and workers for hot weather.
 Check out this map of heat fatalities to see if your area is influenced.
What better reason for workers to beat the heat than to send them to a STEP training seminar. We have a few coming up, take a look!
Enrollment can be completed on STEP's website, via email or phone. We look forward to working with you, and as always STEP appreciates your business. .
Stay cool!



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