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Many businesses generate or use hazardous substances that can be harmful to human health and the environment, and most workers are exposed to these substances at some point in the workday.
Most of us know that a safe STEP when handling hazardous goods is to properly store and handle waste. Workers should always use caution when handling and storing waste, making sure not to stack goods or situate them where they will originate any damage.
In regards to proper storage, the facility used for storage must be properly inspected at a minimum of weekly. If a spill were to occur, spill kits should be readily available for an emergency response.We also know that proper waste documentation is an important part of tracking and maintaining liability for shipments. Workers should be familiar with the documents required for their facility and waste types including EPA Identification numbers issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests. The transportation of hazardous wastes should be done according to regulation requirements.
 Due to the potential harm that hazardous materials can cause, you must require and document that workers are aware of the safety hazards and proper handling and disposal procedures in order to protect the environment, themselves, and comply with state and federal regulations.
I'm sure that we all know that not all parties are aware of these rules and regulations, or at least all their workers are not aware of them. Even a major corporation such as WalMart can overlook the key principles of hazardous waste. Look and learn from their mistake
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