Train the Trainer

Companies realize the importance of continuous training and education for their employees. Achieving organizational goals can be accomplished by having a manageable training program. This program includes capable trainers and instructors within the workplace that are provided with the resources they need to complete training sessions.  We offer a complete package for the trainer or can provide knowledge based training that allows for development of your own materials. 

Essential components of  STEP’s training package includes:

  • Customizable teaching manual
  • FREE student workbook
  • FREE quick reference guide
  • FREE PowerPoint slides
  • AND additional teaching aids
  • Unlimited reprinting rights

Companies that have a pro-active vision to provide continuous training to their employees have realized the positive impact of workplace education. Ensuring that instructors are effectively and consistently training others is fundamental to a successful training plan. STEP is offering a complete train-the-trainer package which enables your trainers to focus on delivery rather than development. 

We offer our training services in a Train-the-Trainer format which is fully customizable.  As an instructor, you realize the importance of providing a positive training experience for your students. After your trainers have completed their Train-the-Trainer courses, they will better understand the power of effective workplace education. 

The knowledge you share with your employees is strategically significant to an overall environmental, safety and health (ESH) philosophy.  This is the main reason STEP has offered train-the-trainer courses for over 20+ years.

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