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Safety is for life

For over 30 years, we have been serving safety and environmental professionals through our dedication to reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact while ensuring compliance. We help achieve this by providing high-quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency preparedness plans, hazardous materials management from aquisition to disposal and by helping our clients manage their regulatory information. Our continued success is dependent upon the success of our clients.


Our Mission 

Safety Training and Environmental Protection will provide ethical, professional, and contemporary environmental safety and health services to equip our diligent customers with resources to succeed in preventing injury or loss to people or property. 

Our Vision 

To provide a partnership with our clients and assist them to protect human health and the environment.



Who is STEP, LLC?


Safety Training and Environmental Protection, LLC (STEP)  was started over 30 years ago in Murray, Kentucky.  Most of our clients at that time were in the west Kentucky/southern Illinois area.  We expanded our environmental safety and health (ESH) support and now travel throughout the US predominately working with companies in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia.


STEP began providing safety services during the 1980s, when its founder, Sara Fineman, was hired by a national loss control firm to develop their clients' entire training program.  That contract showed the need to review a company’s total loss control policy and procedures to ensure that the training reinforced the requirements of their company.

As STEP grew, our team grew and developed a vision to be “the best provider of safety training and consulting services.”  Gaining the trust of our clients, we began to assist them with other needs, which included environmental compliance and DOT hazmat services.  We constantly embrace technology, adjust and make changes to our approaches, and ultimately act as an extension of the work the ESH professionals need to accomplish.   

One reason for our company’s success is that the members of our company work together to bring the most to our clients. Sara Fineman added, “Our team works hard to provide the best customer service and to improve the success of the company – thereby furthering their success”.

As a workplace, STEP offers retirement contributions, Health Reimbursement Accounts, and a cash bonus to reward those top performers who make this company successful.   “To provide the best, we must attract the best, and we must offer incentives to do better,” says Fineman.

Safety Training & Environmental Protection continues to work with some of the same clients we have had over 20 years – a testament to our ever-changing, high-energy approach to environmental safety and health services.  Our company also continues to provide the same degree of comprehensive safety services to healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, municipalities, nuclear plants and numerous other clients, large and small.  Our services include onsite safety consultation, safety training, safety inspections, OSHA inspection-related assistance, emergency preparedness, written safety programs, loss control evaluations, full-time project safety management, environmental program development, environmental inspections, site-specific CBT development, and hazardous waste compliance.



We can’t thank you enough for your business and on-going support
and wish all of our client’s continued success.


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