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STEP has been working in our facility for over 15 years and we have developed a wonderful working relationship that has sparked dramatic improvements in all facets of our emergency response organization. Their passion for emergency response coupled with the hands on working knowledge of the regulations makes for quality instruction and real world advice. It is a pleasure to have a resource with their degree of knowledge and professionalism.
Sean Patterson
Health Physics Supervisor Honeywell, Metropolis IL
The services provided by STEP have enhanced our safety program by focusing on the site specific needs of our plant. STEP provides the personal touch that gets our employees involved and interested.
Paul Petitt
Site Manager, Cymetech, KY
…your HazWoper Refresher and your Incident Commander Training Seminars are superior to any that I have attended.
Ray McReynolds
Compliance Supv. TYCO Adhesives, KY
...We were impressed with the prompt manner in which STEP responded to our training requirements and with your knowledgeable instructors and the professionalism they exhibited.
Judy Wagner
Wagner Construction, Tennessee
We have used Safety Training for at least 5 years, and we are very satisfied with their training. Being the training officer I've had several companies call and offer us hazmat training but my thought is if I have someone that works well for me and my people... why change. Thank you for patience, professionalism, and your wealth of knowledge.
Captain Marvin Witherspoon
Airport Fire Department, St. Louis, MO
I really enjoyed the time we spent with you guys last week. Also, the training was far better than what we have gotten at UT. S.T.E.P. is top notch, especially the Instructors. After talking to Jimmy and several more folks here at Volvo we are going with S.T.E.P. from now on. I had a wonderful experience.
Bobby Goodman
Plant Engineer, Volvo, Penta, TN
When I first contacted you and signed up for the (OSHA 10 hour) class, I can't tell you the times I picked the phone up to cancel because you guys were just so far away. But after taking the class I realize it would have been a terrible mistake on my part. Sara is a great instructor and you guys run a very organized well put together program. That means a lot to me when I recommend you to someone else.
Rod Weems
ColorMasters ESH Coordinator, Alabama
It was time for us to complete an audit of our PSM program, and we asked STEP to help us through the process. STEP was the perfect choice, with their experience and expertise, to review and update our PSM program and keep our site compliant. STEP has been great to work with, and I would highly recommend STEP.
Matt Vanhook
Kentucky Utilities, KY
A lot of stuff that I guess we do automatically or because "It's always been done that way" is not correct. Some here were telling me it would be the most boring 10 hours (OSHA 10 hour general industry seminar). Let me tell you they were way off. It was very interesting and the instructors were very nice. They made it comfortable asking questions. ,
Callas Thornton
Propper International, TN, TN
We received our most positive training feedback ever from our employees this past summer after switching to STEP. The hands-on HAZWOPER training and practical exercises provided excellent, realistic training.

Brad Summer
HSE Engineer, Dyno Nobel Initiation Systems, KY
STEP has assisted Lubrizol with preparation of procedures and conducted site specific emergency training for our facility. Their work product has been thorough and their trainers are professional and willing to work with us to meet our training needs.
Jean Schneiderman
Regional HSE Manager, Lubrizol, KY
"......I first worked with STEP while in western Kentucky for Duke Energy. I was so impressed with this company that I knew it would be a long lasting relationship - Then Duke Energy shut down the Western Kentucky Facility.

In 2003, I accepted a new position in Indiana heading the Health & Safety responsibilities for 2 large power Plants, one in Lawrenceburg Indiana and the other in Waterford Ohio. I knew we were out of the normal 'working area' for STEP, but based on the quality training I have received in the past, we were willing to pay the additional travel expenses to have STEP come to our facilities. There are several companies locally that provide the same service, but we will continue to 'STEP' up to STEP for quality.

Roger Stein
Health & Safety Manager, PSEG, IN
Brian did a fine job in the training (first aid/CPR/AED). His previous experiences as a firefighter paramedic really help give some substance to the material. Our classes were very interactive. Brian was fine with stopping when he had questions and taking the time to make sure that everyone understood what we were doing. I'll be looking to set up another training.
Derek Link
The RCRA Training Webinar that I participated in through STEP was simply excellent! The materials were high quality and Sara's delivery style was professional, pleasant and effective. She is obviously a subject matter expert who is able to transfer her knowledge to the student.
Bill Doughman
Safety, Hopkinsville KY
STEP has proven to be an invaluable partner for our organization. They are great communicators and very easy to work with from start to finish. I rely on their expertise and will continue to utilize their services.
Chad Brawner
Environmental & Safety Manager
There was a very good balance between the hands-on and classroom training. This combination had a positive impact on the learning experience. The instructors were very informative and kept the training interesting...they did a very good job of tracking feedback from the participants regarding improvement opportunities for our HAZWOPER program. I would highly recommend STEP for any safety training needs.
Aaron Willis
Safety Director, CountryMark, IN
We were in need of assistance to completely reorganize our entire safety program…With STEP's help we have achieved our goals and will continue to rely on their expertise and commitment to keeping our programs current and OSHA compliant. I highly recommend STEP...
Ray North
Safety Coordinator, Audubon, KY

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